When and where?

March 2022 › October 2022, Belval Campus

BELONG is a pedagogic and creative project which aims at providing a sense of belonging to the multicultural community of the region by embracing their cultural heritage through arts and music. BELONG utilises worldwide traditional music & folkloric arts to create synergies between multinational and multidisciplinary artists, creating art that can both feel familiar and thrilling to an international audience.

It will engage musicians and artists in a series of masterclasses, bootcamps, and workshops, where they will be provided the opportunity to exchange art and music from their countries and cultures, and to mix their styles in a unique artistic product. During the masterclasses, international folk artists will introduce various forms of world-music and engage in bootcamps where they exchange their know-how and mix their styles.

Artistic creations from the bootcamps will be performed in several concerts along the project’s timeline. Selected pieces from the workshops will later be performed in a world-music festival, alongside other performances.

Leading institution


Adam Al Sayyad


Al Sayyad

Project manager

Doctoral researcher
Department of Engineering
University of Luxembourg