Mon 23 October 2021

University launches a website for its Esch2022 projects

In February 2022, the University’ hometown Esch-sur-Alzette will launch the European Capital of Culture, Esch2022, with the leitmotiv REMIX. The University will contribute to Esch2022 with nine diverse and integrative projects, and has launched a website dedicated to these activities.

The new website offers viewers an upfront and user-friendly way to view and participate in these projects, through project descriptions, news and events presentation or registration. People’s pages allow interested viewers to get in touch with the organisers.

Under the science glass

Researchers and teachers propose to explore the leitmotiv REMIX using science and innovation as a footbridge. By connecting the dots between science and how the arts and culture, architecture, history, sociology or geography are lived today, the activities invite participants to discover elements of the past, the present and the future.

As such, the activities are mostly designed to be participative or integrative, and lead participants to question and rethink common perceptions.

The website can be viewed at