Tue 23 February 2022

Setup of the 'Remixing Industrial Pasts' exhibition

What is the Minett?

A term barely known outside Luxembourg? The well-known name of a mining district in the southwest of the country? The industrial heartland of Luxembourg for more than a century? The principal source of wealth and pride for the Luxembourgish nation? The destination of thousands of migrants who were looking for a better life?

Come and find out at the multimedia exhibition “Remixing Industrial Pasts: Constructing the Identity of the Minett” (27 February-15 May 2022, Massenoire).

In this multimedia exhibition, visitors will travel through the region’s industrial past in a time machine. Exciting narratives and spectacular audiovisual installations with historical film footage, photographs and documents, sounds and voices will offer visitors an immersive experience.

The exhibition presents a remix of fragmented stories based around three main themes: industry, people and landscapes.

It is curated by the C²DH REMIX team in collaboration with the Milan-based artist collective Tokonoma and 2F Architettura.