Singularity 42 - an afternoon with the artists

Fri 16 December 2022
- 19:00
AI&Art Pavilion @CCH - MSA Administration Building (ground floor)

During our event, starting at noon on Friday the 16th, artists Robert Frankle and Manolis Manarakis will guide the visitor through their art installation, Narcissus, first exhibited in our AI&Art Pavilion. Installed in a separate room within the Pavilion, visitors will have the chance to get immersed in the artwork alone and in peace.

Betania Antico, an Argentinian-born professional dancer in symbiosis with herself appearing in the Holobox, will give performances during the afternoon (periodically), where she explores through dance the counterpoint of the digital and physical world.

Artist Thorsten Kreissig, aka Teekay, a team of Computer Scientists and two Pepper robots will demonstrate and explain their collaborative project ”Out of the Loop” reflecting on the anthropomorphic vision of the future of Artificial Intelligence, where robots evolve to have humanlike conversations with each other.

The opening event allows every visitor to have a personalised tour by the artists, discuss with them in person and learn in-depth about the technical and artistic aspects of these projects.

Drinks and small canapes will be provided.

(The “Narcissus” installation will be exhibited and can be viewed in the pavilion between 10:00 am and 12:00 am and in the afternoon between 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm until the 23rd of December.)

Admission is free of charge.